Thuraya PCO 2110

Forttel provides you the Thuraya PCO-2110

Forttel provides you the Thuraya PCO 2110

is a satellite-based Public Calling Office, providing a valuable channel of connectivity for people who cannot afford to buy satellite handsets but require telecommunications services. Powerful, versatile and cost-effective, it offers seamless basic and advanced communication services. Using Thuraya PCO-2110, communities that would otherwise be isolated can interact with the rest of the world.

Thuraya PCO-2110 makes voice, fax, data and SMS services available in a user-friendly public telephone service station. Some common areas of application for Thuraya PCO-2110 include rural villages and on-road phone stations, armed forces camps, recreational camping areas, relief zones and archaeological sites.

Fast Facts

  • Thuraya PCO-2110 is a cost-effective, feature-rich telecommunications solution for rural areas
  • Provides voice, fax, data and SMS services to isolated communities and rural villages