Thuraya Eco Voice Plan

Forttel provides you Thuraya Eco

Thuraya Eco is a prepaid voice plan with very affordable satellite calling rates from 83 countries across Africa, Asia, and Europe.

  • US$0.50 per minute for calls to Thuraya
  • US$0.75 per minute for calls to most mobile and landline destinations across the globe

  • Affordable SIM pack price containing US$5 in credit

  • 1 year SIM card validity with an option to extend

  • Voice, data/fax, dial-up internet, SMS, and GmPRS services

  • Access to roaming on GSM services where Thuraya has a prepaid roaming agreement with the GSM operator

ThurayaECO Countries

Albania France Luxembourg Serbia
Andorra Gambia Macedonia Sierra Leone
Armenia Georgia Malawi Slovakia
Austria Germany Maldives Slovenia
Azerbaijan Ghana Mali Somalia
Bangladesh Gibraltar Malta Spain
Belarus Greece Mauritania Sri Lanka
Belgium Guinea Moldova Sweden
Bhutan Guinea-Equatorial Monaco Switzerland
Bosnia Herzegovina Guinea-Bissau Montenegro Syria
Bulgaria Hungary Morocco Tajikistan
Burundi Iceland Mozambique Tunisia
Cameroon Ireland Nepal Turkey
Croatia Italy Netherlands Turkmenistan
Cyprus Jordan Norway Uganda
Czech Republic Kazakhstan Oman Ukraine
Denmark Kyrgyzstan Poland United Kingdom
Egypt Latvia Portugal Uzbekistan
Eritrea Liberia Romania Zambia
Estonia Liechtenstein Rwanda Zimbabwe
Finland Lithuania Senegal

How to refill your ThurayaECO account? Refill your ThurayaECO account in any of the following ways:
 Refill using Scratch Cards Thuraya offers scratch cards that are available in various denominations starting as low as 10 units. These can be used to refill your
ThurayaECO account in any of the following ways:

  • Call 150 and follow voice prompts to enter scratch card details

  • Send SMS to 150 (message – 14-digit scratch card PIN code, starting and ending with #)

  • Dial 160 followed by 14-digit scratch card PIN code. Press `Dial’

  • Key in 150 scratch card PIN code # then press the ‘Dial’ button (to refill even while roaming in GSM)

  • Refill online at

Thuraya Recharge Thuraya Recharge is a convenient way to use your credit card to refill your prepaid Thuraya satellite phone.
Log on to for more details.