Seamless Connectivity

Thuraya Satellite PhoneThuraya Satellite PhoneThuraya’s satellite services offer seamless and superior, yet affordable connectivity. Whether in marine outposts, remote industrial sites, or even between patchy service networks, Thuraya users are able to keep in touch in ways never before imagined.

Designed to complement existing GSM networks and expand usage beyond conventional network coverage areas, Thuraya’s mobile satellite services offer a broad range of services that include voice, data, fax, short messaging, GPS through its dual mode handsets.

Thuraya IPWith speeds of up to 444 kbps, ThurayaIP facilitates Internet services to Thuraya subscribers anytime and anywhere across Thuraya’s coverage area. For people at sea, ThurayaMarine offers an ideal solution for maritime customers in need of integrated voice and data/fax services.

Thuraya’s Rural Communication services offer a quick, reliable and cost effective means of providing telecom access to remote and rural areas characterized by low population densities, highly scattered settlements and difficult terrains. These payphones are an important link between remote communities and industrial centres in Thuraya’s coverage area.

In addition, Thuraya’s diverse range of services include Tracking Solution, Aeronautical and Satellite Capacity Leasing that cater to a wide variety of user segments in its coverage area.