Frequently Asked Questions

Thuraya Hughes 7101, Thuraya Hughes 7100 & Ascom Phones

  1. What does dual-mode satellite phone mean?
  2. Where can I use the Thuraya phone?
  3. In which countries has Thuraya signed roaming agreements with?
  4. What are Thuraya’s services?
  5. Does the Thuraya handset operate indoors? How can the user receive calls?
  6. Is Thuraya phone waterproof?
  7. How much does Thuraya phone weigh?
  8. What is the Thuraya code?
  9. How can I set up my Voice Mail?
  10. What are the terms of the warranty period?

Subscription and Call Charges

  1. How do I subscribe to the Thuraya network?
  2. What are the monthly subscription fees?
  3. Is there any deposit required for subscription?
  4. If someone tries to call me on my Thuraya phone while I’m overseas—what will I be charged?
  5. If I’m a Thuraya subscriber, where will I pay my bill?
  6. If I am using a GSM card in my Thuraya phone, can I make satellite calls?
    Which number would people reach me at?
  7. Are there any subscription charges for using my GSM SIM card on a Thuraya phone?
  8. If I want to buy a Thuraya phone where do I go?
  9. If there is no Service Provider in my country, how can I obtain Thuraya services?

Satellite and GSM Mode

  1. How does Thuraya dual mode feature work?


  1. Can you define Thuraya Roaming?
  2. What services are available for Thuraya subscribers when roaming in GSM networks?
  3. In which GSM networks can Thuraya subscribers roam?

Solutions and Accessories

  1. Does Thuraya have Prepaid scratch cards?
  2. How long is the validity of a prepaid scratch card?
  3. Can I receive or make a call on a Thuraya phone while driving?
  4. Does Thuraya have a car kit?
  5. What is ‘Fixed Docking Unit’?
  6. What is included in the Thuraya phone package?
  7. What sort of accessories can I find for Thuraya phones?
  8. How do I use Data and Fax services from a Thuraya phone?

Global Positioning System (GPS) and Short Messaging System (SMS)

  1. How do I use GPS on the Thuraya phone?
  2. How can I give my location to someone?
  3. Can I use Thuraya’s GPS feature if the Thuraya phone is in GSM mode (even when using an existing GSM SIM card)?
  4. Are there any additional charges for using the GPS feature?
  5. What is the Thuraya SMS center number?
  6. How do I set up my message preferences to be able to use Thuraya’s SMS service center?
  7. In what languages does Thuraya phone support SMS?


  1. Why is there a requirement for a large L-band antenna?
  2. What is the excess power that the satellite transmits during shadowing?
  3. What is the handset power in the satellite mode?
  4. Why is the Thuraya terminal antenna thickness larger than the normal GSM handset antenna?
  5. What are the main differences between the Primary Gateway and the national gateways?
  6. What is the effect of the radiation of the Mobile Terminal to the human body?
  7. What is the modulation type?
  8. What is Thuraya’s blocking rate?
  9. What security features are built into the Thuraya links?
  10. What is the size of the Thuraya spacecraft L-band antenna?